Vital ingredients for Thai cuisine is considered to be vegetables, herbs such as chili, spicy flavor. Which is rich in Vitamin C. Helps the stomach absorb food better than ginger to add flavor and aroma to hot food Also, the quality of the driving wind flatulence cure Basil pungent aroma helps cure colic driving wind, etc..

Although the Thai people, they will eat vegetables, herbs popular. But yeah, that all Thai food menu will be hot with spicy flavor. It has a variety of Thai food taste salty, sweet and sour spicy bitterness that is a very well balanced mix of food, each food menu, such as the popular Tom Yam Kung Thai and foreigners. Sour taste to the spicy smell the fragrant herbs like lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves, etc., or the Pad Thai sweet and sour taste of tamarind water and sugar be a first, when combined with other ingredients such as dried egg noodles, soft clay very well. It becomes a delicious dish on the menu name notorious throughout the world.

And because the selection of raw materials rich in natural advantages. And food seasoning that brings out the strengths of the components in each menu. Thai food is not just Thai Like people, but also throughout the world.