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 Sensations : Golden Rock-2 Days / 1 Night


Up to 220 km of good road awaits us on this day, we will take approximately four hours to reach to the gravity defying Kyaiktiyo Pagoda, the world famous “Golden Rock”. After the scenic route on the road through rural Myanmar we will reach to the base of Mount Kyaiktiyo, our route continues now on an truck, which will be able to continue on better grip of the road prior to reaching to the station near the top, where we will have to continue on a 45 minutes trekking to reach to the top. All these steps are needed to reach the small spire of 18ft (5.5m) believed to enshrine a hair relic of the Buddha, set on top of a huge boulder which in turn is balanced on the edge of a cliff. The wide open platform gives a fantastic view of distant mountains, especially at sunset. Overnight at Golden Rock.

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Breakfast will be served at the hotel, after checking out we will head towards Bago, a historical city originally founded in 573 AD by Thamala and Wimala, two Mon brothers of noble birth as an outpost of the Mon Thaton Kingdom. In Bago we will visit the Shwemawdaw Paya which housed hair relics of the Buddha for over 1000 years, we will then continue visiting Shwe Thar Lyaung Pagoda which housed the beautiful reclining Buddha image discovered in the 19th century as it was rescued from the jungle that covered it. Just before lunch, we will head towards Kyakhatwine Monastery, where we can observe over 600 student monks having lunch following the way of Buddha’s guidance. Lunch at local restaurant. After lunch, we head towards Yangon where we will arrive in the evening.

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