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Explorations : Boutique Tour to the North-5 Days / 4 Nights


A morning departure is set to a former capital of Siam, the great Ayutthaya. The mighty city was destroyed by the Burmese and now its remains are protected as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The temples of Phanan Choeng, Chaiwatthanaram, and the complex of the Historical Park of Ayutthaya, including the old Royal Palace, and Phra Si Sanphet give us best insight to this ancient kingdom. After these incredible sites, the journey continues and heads off to the North on our way to Lopburi, the Monkey city. In Lopburi, the Three Pagodas await prior to serving lunch, the route carries on to Sukhothai, where the first boutique stop will be made. This journey highlights the historical sites of interest and the charm of the accommodation of the selected hotels to round up the travelling experience.

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An early breakfast gets the day started. Right after gaining strength, the Historical park of Sukhothai will be the perfect continuation of the journey as yet another capital of Siam, presented in a national park where the former glory of Sukhothai is clearly represented in the reminiscence of its temples. The famous temple of Wat Si Chum will be one of several sites that can be enjoyed together with lakes, wonderful nature and the shade of ancient trees in this Historical Park. Right after Sukhothai, the route heads yet further north into the mountainous region of Chiang Rai. Before soujourning into the mountains, central Thailand’s Lampang is found. A short stop will be made to enjoy its most relevant Temple then towards Lake Payao to enjoy the view of this fabulous man-made lake and before lunch at a local restaurant. After lunch, continuation of the journey will end at Chiang Rai by checking into our boutique hotel selection, again accentuating and elevating the ‘Charm of the North’

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After Breakfast, the journey climbs to a natural frontier called the Golden Triangle. Quickly access a hill tribe village in which the knowledge of the country locals is shared at different levels. After the traveller take in the view of the Golden Triangle where Thailand, Burma and Laos seem to blend together as one only separated by the great Mekong River, which will explored in long tail boat. Later visit the House of Opium, flashing to an era where the local crop was replaced by drug creating a viable market for agriculture. Lunch will be served in a local restaurant. After lunch, travel south west from Chiang Rai to Chiang Mai. On arrival, check-in to the final boutique selection of the trip.

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After breakfast, which will be served at the hotel, the day’s journey will tackle one of the symbols of Thailand, the elephant. Transfer to an elephant camp, this day will serve as explanation to the relevance of these animals as a working tool in the jungle as well as a perfect opportunity to be around these gigantic animals. It is possible to see how the mahouts train, wash and play with these amazing creatures. There is the possibility of riding on an elephant for an hour, to experience the capacity of movement of these animals in all kinds of terrain. After this visit, the route heads to an orchid farm, yet another symbol of Thailand and its agricultural heritage. In this visit, enjoy the different types of flower as well as the differences in growing and nurturing. Lunch will be served in a local restaurant and following this lunch we will head to a factory dealing with silver and silk, as well as woods, all three relevant elements of the art crafts in the North of Thailand. To conclude the day, visit to the most important temple in Chiang Mai.

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After Breakfast, transfer to the airport to the next destination.

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